A Photo Tour of Palazzo Ducale (Doge Palace), Venice


On our recent visit to Venice, Italy, one of the top sights recommended to us was the Palazzo Ducale, or the Doge Palace.  And, impressed we were! It’s hard to not be taken in awe of the magnificent architecture and the grandeur of the Palace. In the olden days, the Palace was the seat of the government and home of the Doge – the oldest and the highest political position in the Venetian republic.

A tour of the Palace takes you through the various wings of the Palace and also to the prison. The work on the ceilings is beautiful and for most part of your visit, you will be keeping your head up as you admire the work! The most interesting part of the visit for me (and for a lot of other tourists there), however, is the view of the famous Bridge of Sighs – the name arriving from the so-called sighs of the convicts who would catch the last glimpse of Venice before being led to the prison.

You could either chose to do a tour of the Palace on your own or through the aid of an audio guide, available on request near the entrance for 5 euros. You could also chose to do the Secret Itinerary Tour, which is a guided tour available at selected time slots. It takes you through the Doge’s Palace and covers some of the rooms and chambers, palace of prisoners and the Bridge of Sighs, offering an insight into how the Venetian administration worked.

The regular ticket is priced at 16 euros for adults and is a combination ticket that gives access to various Museums under the network. The Secret Itinerary Tour is priced at 20 euros for adults.

And, because the Palace was so beautiful, I thought I would take you on a photo tour inside the Palace! So, join in!

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Top 5 Things to Do in Venice


“Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go,” American author Truman Capote had famously said.

And he couldn’t have been more right. Being in Venice is like time travel. And it is like magic, where every corner reveals something that takes your breath away.  Sometimes the city is like a dream – canals where streets should be, houses and hotels built on water, a quiet gondola parked next to a small bridge, winding alleys that feel like a maze, or the ancient cobblestone paths, water shimmering under the shining the sun, and the majestic churches. Sometimes it is more real than you can think – when the high tide leads to flooding, or when a narrow alley stinks of the water, or when you see hundreds of tourists cramming up every inch of the city’s space, or when you are at the Piazza San Marco and a pigeon shits over your head!

Venice is a city that needs to be experienced once in your lifetime. But be prepared for a beautiful, yet crowded experience.

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Inside the Village of Montmartre, Paris: A Photo Essay


Tucked away in one corner of the city of Paris is the neighborhood of Montmartre – a hill in the north of Paris, long known for being the creative hub of artists, and in more recent memory, made popular by movies such as Amélie and Moulin Rouge.

The name Montmartre is believed to have come from the latin name Mons Martis, meaning the mountain of Mars. Some say it comes from Mons Martyrum, the mountain of the Martyr, with reference to Saint Denis, the first bishop of Paris that became its martyr patron.

The area developed as a humble village surrounded by vineyards and windmills. Montmartre was divided into two parts – the Lower Montmartre was an area known for its cheap wine and entertainment, while the upper part was a quiet residential area.

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12 Reasons I Love London


I love London. Yes. There it is. My love declaration for the city. I first visited the city in October 2008, just for day, as a 19-year old travelling abroad alone for the first time. It was grey, rainy, and cold – characteristically London! But I had the best time! I was taken in awe of the city – as a tourist perched on the top deck of the open air tourist bus, London and I got acquainted. And since then it is my favorite city. It draws me back to it again and again, like an obsessed lover! After six long years, I finally made my way back to the city and it felt like it welcomed me back!

There is no place I’d rather be than here. I am taken by the city for so many reasons and I wish there would come a day when I can call London my home! For now, here are 12 reasons why I love London.

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Welcome to Backpacking Croissants

“If we took a holiday
Took some time to celebrate
Just one day out of life
It would be, it would be so nice”

— Holiday/Madonna


We are all travelers. There are ones who travel for life (the ones we all envy and aspire to be!). There are ones who travel for work. There are ones who jet-set around the globe. There are ones who fit everything in a carry-on and explore. There are instinctive travelers, there are planners. And then there are those who have precious weekends (sometimes a long weekend) to pack in most of a city, before the grind of the week starts again. I, and my husband, belong to this last category. But we are all travelers, labels aside — bound by the love of exploring new places, absorbing new sights, trying new cuisines, one city at a time!

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