Welcome to “Backpacking Croissants” – a travel blog from the journeys of a young Indian couple (D and U), currently residing in a quaint little town in Bavaria, Germany. It’s D who writes here, and she also pesters U to take endless photographs and is quick to take the camera from him if he falters!

So, here’s a little bit more about us and you will know why this name for our blog.

a) Well, we aren’t really backpackers. At least, not in the traditional sense of the word. Before I started writing this blog, I never thought much about which category of traveler will I (or we) fit into. Really, who thinks of pigeon-holing oneself when there’s so much of world to see! You could call us a Flashpacker, or even a budget traveler, or just a young couple who once in a while wouldn’t mind a 4-star holiday!

b) We take short breaks, within limitations of finances and a full-time job. We set out a budget before we think of our next destination for holiday, but are happy to squeeze our pockets just a little more, if it means a comfortable, clean, and hygienic place to stay. We try and spend smart, if not cheap. For instance, we would prefer a two-hour low-cost airline (Ryan air to the rescue!) to a seven-hour bus that will eat into our travel time. We prefer to walk miles in search of an inexpensive place for our meals, but would make sure to try the specialty of the country’s cuisine we are visiting.

c) We are lazy travelers! Don’t get us wrong. We love to explore a new city, but you won’t find us out sightseeing at 7.30 am. We are happy to spend the day on our feet, making sure to check off everything on our itinerary, but nothing makes us more happy to come back to a nicely made hotel room and watch television. Oh, and we love hotels that give free wifi 😉

d) We are in Germany for a short time, our aim is to explore as much of Europe as we can, before we pack our bags. That isn’t easy though! It’s a constant fight between exploring the main sightseeing places, and experimenting to explore the off-beat locations!

e) We love having croissants! Give them to us for breakfast, for evening snack with coffee, or even as a comfort food, we love them! Buttery, flaky, chocolate filled, vanilla filled, different shapes and sizes, we love them all!

You can reach me at backpackingcroissants@gmail.com. More information in the Contact section.




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