#Techtraveller: TastyTrip App for foodie travellers

Presenting the first of the new series ‘#Techtraveller’, which will cover new and innovative technologies, apps and gadgets which are making travelling easier, one click at a time!

How many times has it happened that you are on a vacation to a foreign land, looking to have a nice meal, but either end up in a bad restaurant or have to order a dish but you don’t quite know what it is!

I remember my first few months in Germany after I arrived, despite a beginner’s course in language, eating out was always a problem. Once, at a cafe I asked for a ‘Hähnchen’ (chicken) sandwich and I was served a ‘schinken’ (ham) sandwich instead! And during my trip to Paris last year with my husband, I remember having some really bad (add expensive) meals because a) we didn’t know the language, b) we didn’t know much about French cuisine and were afraid to ask!

Last week, I came across this really interesting video on YouTube from the Tasty Trip World and I am now intrigued to try the app. The app, called ‘TastyTrip’, looks like a great travelling companion for foodies, particularly if you enjoy experiencing local food culture when you visit a country. The culinary guide lets you order, explore and see how the food is cooked and how it looks, before you order. So, no more shocks at the dinner table when you think order dish number 42 and it turns out to be a lobster staring at you! 😉

The TastyTrip App presents you the top 20 most well-known specialties served in the country’s local restaurants, including the details of its ingredients. For the health conscious, it also shows you how many calories there are!

For now, the app covers nine countries: France, China , Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, Germany,  Greece, Mexico, and Romania. And I am hoping to use it next time I am eating out in Germany or during my travels!

(TastyTrip is available for sale on iTunes. It is priced at $3.99, with a promotional price of $2.99 for a limited time, until 1st of September 2014.)


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